The Duke - Gaelen Foley At times beautifully written, the action unfolds at a healthy pace and only rarely does the dialogue descend into the cheese for which romance novels are renowned. As a whole, a great story with well fleshed out characters that caused me to look upon marriage from a Georgian standpoint.

I ended up reading all six other Knight books in the series and even the first in the Spice trilogy before I read The Duke. It seems I saved the best for last because this is hands down the best of the series.
Reading the others first was actually a positive thing. I first got an impression of Robert and Belinda as the loving and responsible stand-in parents to the rest of the Knights. I really love the depth that the two of them have as characters, and the hidden layers beneath all of their later respectability. It was interesting to read about Robert and Belinda before they were the responsible couple and it's so gratifying to know that Belinda became the heart of the family after coming up from nothing and going through so much. This one was a tearjerker. The Duke is officially my favorite romance.