A Thousand Days in Venice - Marlena  de Blasi Marlena de Blasi's style is startlingly intimate, like a person you've just met who proceeds to lean in too closely and assail you with deeply personal anecdotes. Of course, it is a recounting of her life, so the feeling of over-share is a given, but I've read many a memoir written by a person who seemed to have put themselves at a cold distance to their own story. de Blasi is present in every word on the page and periodically it was intimate to the point where, at times, I felt almost a voyeur to the scenes of her life.

It's a well-articulated story, with enough informational depth to begin to understand what a leap like hers might feel like, and despite her especially purple prose, her depiction of every day Venetian life for an outsider trying to find her place should be a comforting reassurance to many a lonely expat who ever thought they'd never feel at home in their new international hometown.