Delirium  - Lauren Oliver One thing I can say for the majority of these novels, they really do stick close to the formula: Plain girl in a closed off paranoid community follows all the rules, has a beautiful/wild best friend, expects to live a normal life, gets a gorgeous noble boy to fall in love with the specialness inside her regular self, uncovers the hypocrisy in dystopian living and is suddenly a rebel resistor. Double points for love triangles.

I'm not used to giving so many stars, especially for one of the several dozen popular formulaic dystopian ya novels out there right now, but I loved this. Often, spectacular writing completely blots out the fact that the plot is unbelievable. I know that the genre is dystopian ya so suspension of disbelief is important while reading, but a future in which people are forced to get love lobotomies or else? Pretty crazy.

I completely skipped over all the Book of Shhh "excerpts" at the beginning of every chapter. They really got on my nerves and I didn't feel they were of any importance, just clutter trying to be interesting.