Married With Zombies - Jesse Petersen This reads more like a marriage comedy with a couple of zombie anecdotes thrown in than a pure zombie story featuring a married couple.

While its true that a zombie epidemic is the driving force behind the story, the horrifying reality of Sarah and David's new life is glazed over with marriage counseling platitudes and non funny snark. I simply didn't feel the weight of their situation. At times the narrator tried to make it known how serious she felt about the new world she found herself in, but it didn't sink in and she really didn't dwell.

The repetitive plot didn't help the shallowness of the story. The three times they meet others on the road the same exact thing happens: zombie running at narrator gets killed by outside force that turns out to be another survivor.

Despite the slow start and its annoying f-bomb laden dialogue this book turned out alright and I'm definitely interested in the sequel if it reflects more of an effort to be less repetitive.