One Night of Sin - Gaelen Foley Like the subject of PTSD, I don't think the author's treatment of gambling addiction was very serious or realistic. But I like Alec. He's a much more fully formed character than the rest of his siblings, and the way that women used him throughout his entire life (from his mother to the woman who took his virginity to the Lady who paid to have him) was a much darker and more interesting part of his character than his gambling addiction and typical fear of love. In romance novels, you don't often come upon heroes who have been made helpless and taken advantage of by women as completely as Alec was. He might be the most engrossing male character I've ever read in a romance novel.

I really liked Becky as well. She was more strong and independent than the rest of the Knight wives. They all forgot about whatever they wanted in life but Becky's whole purpose became Alec's as well. She walked and ran from Yorkshire to London to save the people in her village and the home she grew up in. And she could cook.

But then toward the end of the book she tells Alec that being with him is more important than getting back the estate that comes with a village full of people who trusted her with their safety. It was disappointing and I'd have thought with her sense of responsibility she'd have had more care for the lives in her hands.