My Wicked Marquess - Gaelen Foley, James Griffin I love the premise of this series. Am I wrong in saying it's like League of Extraordinary Gentlemen meets Undercover Princes? League of Extraordinary Regency Undercover Lords?

I'm really intrigued by the story and characters, but the Marquess seems a bit of a Talented Mr. Ripley kind of creeper. I don't imagine a woman could ever find it not stalkerish that a man rented a room in a brothel across from where she was visiting orphans so that he could watch her through a telescope. And that he got the information on her whereabouts from a file he has on her which holds her life bio, daily schedule, and social calendar.

I have no idea how they came by 'love' after meeting each other probably only five or six times before marriage, and I can't see his actions as anything other than terrifyingly controlling and manipulative. The end came up pretty abruptly too. I know it was supposed to be a sort of segway into the next book but I was confused that I had stumbled onto the teaser for a sequel and skipped over the end somehow. Hopefully the next book is better, without a sociopath for a male lead.