Lord of Fire - Gaelen Foley I was going along enjoying myself fine right up until that blindingly idiotic simpleton Alice went and told her evil sister in law that Lucien was an English spy. I am beyond words. Does she have no sense? What the hell.

On the other hand, the beginning was great. I loved the part where Alice wanders into an Eyes Wide Shut scenario and travels through the house to an underground canal that takes her to a secret grotto of hot spring pools. Lucien's character was a little disappointing. He was supposed to be some kind of calculating seducer and while he did at first behave that way he was actually a huge softie. There wasn't really a slow transition into his loving side. He jumps straight from being the bad boy to reading love poems before breakfast.

I felt that the plot got too busy at the end. The story started going in fifty different directions, what with Damien's sudden PTSD, Harry getting taken by his uncle, Caro getting killed and Bardou doubling back for Alice which led to a final fight to the death before being led back into Damien's trauma. It was like Three's Company but not as great. And then suddenly it ended.