The First Days: As the World Dies - Rhiannon Frater I really wanted to like this book. The imagery is striking, but the writing left a lot to be desired. It felt barely edited, and the quality of the writing kept pulling me out of the story. I couldn't stay interested because from the beginning, small details kept confusing me. The whole part with the baby fingers under the door was so convoluted. We kept jumping from the husband to the other kid to the baby and how she felt about the house and random mentions of blood and it felt way overdone. This attempt at dramatic exposition fell flat. Instead of drawing me in, I felt uninterested and really unimpressed.

Pros: Like I said, liked the imagery. In particular, Katie chased by zombies down the highway between vehicles full of people who have no idea what's going on and Jenni standing on her porch watching her family claw at the doors and windows. I really wish it had been written better and with a lot less of the wooden dialogue and inner monologue. I might have enjoyed it then.