The Garden Intrigue - Lauren Willig The first few books in the series went the way of regular romance, love scenes and all. The author has pretty much eradicated the erotica and turned the series into a purely spy-themed kind of historical story with a bit of romance sandwiched in between. That's good and bad. I did start reading because I like romances unironically, but the thrill of Napoleonic-era spy life is great on the page.

I always pictured Augustus as a little on the old side, I had no idea he'd be just this side of 30 as well as firm-bodied and handsome. I kind of knew Emma would be the female protagonist of this latest installment since reading about her vocal party appearance in the last one. She didn't interest me much.

I want to know if superhuman and mysteriously untouchable Jane will ever get a turn at love. Maybe in the next book, when apparently she goes to India.