Pandemonium - Lauren Oliver First of all, when will the love triangles end? I am so beyond tired of love triangles. I am so fed up with the stale love triangle scenario. Break from the pack and give a girl just one paramour to contend with. Somebody. Please. Give us a girl whose head can't be turned.

Beyond that, I kind of enjoyed it. I was so taken by the imagery of Lena's rebirth, running and crawling through the dirt in the wilderness, away from Alex and Portland. And then it got a bit less poetic and half the time I wondered why the hell was it taking so long for Lena and Julian to escape from underground. I felt the story became stagnant because a huge portion of the book was just the two of them woodenly interacting with one another in tunnels. I kept waiting for the story to start, then I realized I was over halfway through the book.

When Lena first ate in the homestead she was told "no spoons, no forks, no nothing" and then after hauling water in buckets said her fingers were too swollen and blistered to hold her fork. It's not a huge issue, but it's one of those small things that jolts you a bit out of the story wondering how that didn't get caught in editing.

About Lena's mother, in Delirium I got the impression that she was a little manic. Pandemonium seems to have glossed over her faults and transformed her into a high-up, self-controlled Resistance fighter. Maybe she just underwent a rebirth upon escape like Lena did, but it feels too clean for a character like Lena's mother. Also, I felt that at the rally in Times Square, the fact that DFA banners are in red and white were a small allusion to Nazism. Other things that got left out: How exactly did a bunch of wilderness homesteaders suddenly become secret agents in an organized freedom fighting movement?

I've noticed in other reviews people can't put on their suspension of disbelief goggles for the whole love removal procedure thing. It's not a removal of a specific emotion, it's more like a form of mild lobotomy that renders the cured unable to feel strong emotions such as passion or anger or love. Which begs the question: How do the Cured impregnate each other?