Let's Pretend This Never Happened: A Mostly True Memoir - Jenny Lawson Annoying at times, but cute. I liked her funny spin on things, which is what she should probably stick to, in my opinion. When she tried to get serious it came off as melodramatic and childish. "I look away and remember it the way it was, with the dangerous metal seesaws and merry-go-rounds that eventually disappeared all over America. All that remains of it today is the memory, still echoing in my head, of the sound of my favorite swing, squeaking rustily and comfortingly, over and over, back and forth." That drippy, clumsily-handled attempt at relating her nostalgia in a suddenly sobering passage was disappointing after the way she handled the first half of the book, with self-deprecating humor and a way of spinning horrifying situations into a laugh for the reader. I was confused as to how I was supposed to feel at that point, when her tone suddenly switched from hilarious storyteller to wet blanket downer.
I made it three quarters through and then got so exasperated at how much time she spent talking about how she thinks and how abnormal she thinks she is. Guess what lady: it's normal to think the way you do. I'm positive that millions of us go through convoluted thought processes to reach a socially acceptable point because we're all stuck in our heads, just like you. Unless you keep nail clippings in garbage bags in the closet, you aren't especially crazy. You just like to think you are.