A Hopeless Romantic - Harriet Evans If you just read A Hopeless Romantic and want to read Happily Ever After, or vice versa, I'm going to spoiler it for you. Never mind— you've ruined it for yourself, because they're identical.

Both synopses are exactly this: Girl who dreams of romance has secret affair with man who is totally inappropriate for her. After everything crashes down around her she finds a man who truly cares for her, but because she holds warily on to her past behavior as an example of how not to proceed with life, she over corrects by excelling professionally, dating casually, and becoming boring and unromantic overall. The main mother figure in her life dies while she's out with the man she loves. She gets together with the man in the end. Ta da.

So okay, they aren't exactly the same. They're like an experiment in opposite ways to take one set of plot points. One is light and sweet and funny (Austen), and the other is just dark and morbid, what with all the self hate and casual cruelty coming off nearly every character (including the main one). Not to mention the alcoholism. Very Brontë. I personally prefer the upbeat modern Regency romance novel elements of A Hopeless Romantic to that horror show that was Happily Ever After.

All in all, Laura is likable, but forgettable (as is her story). Something I really want to see come out of this is a Grandmother Mary spin-off novel. That, I think, would be a great read about an unforgettable woman.