Twilight - Stephenie Meyer, Stephenie Meyer I first read this back when I worked in my high school library and noticed it was the most popular book in the place. I checked it out, devoured it, absolutely loved it, and eagerly anticipated the movie (which I thought was terrible, for myriad reasons I refuse to get into, but love to hate-watch anyway). High School Me, circa 2008 would give this 5+ stars.

Me Now is another thing entirely. I attempted to reread it and just loathed the thing. Bella is all, "Poor me, I'm not pretty, I'm not special. I'm obsessed with a creepy guy and I repeatedly describe his beauty in ever-repeating passages like my readers aren't yet tired enough of my repetitive angsty sad sack crap." Me, 2012: Negative stars!

I have to be reasonable and go with 2 stars, because I did love it at one point, but no more than that because it really is a terribly written book full of idiotic characters.