In the After - Demitria Lunetta In The After is so much more than an alien invasion story. The big secret becomes obvious the closer you get to it, but already knowing doesn't take away from the impact of the truth at its reveal.

Add to that the fact that Amy Harris may be my favorite female character of 2013. She makes decisions that make sense, she pushes and fights and asks questions, and doesn't just let things happen to her. She isn't a delicate flower who needs haunting beauty and two men to vie for her attentions in a played out love triangle (No triangles, please. I will die.) She's a no-nonsense survivor who loves books and kicks ass.

Aside from Amy, I hope we find out whatever it is that makes Baby so special, and that we get to see more of Kay and Gareth in the future. Once you get past the whole 'aliens have attacked' premise, you'll realize this is definitely a series to follow.